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Corporate Tax Planning

Corporate tax planning provides strategies that are significant in minimizing taxes. Business tax planning involves understanding what it means to be self-employed. A company owner needs to be aware of anything that might impact taxes paid. Self-employment tax, company expenses and deductions, business assets, charitable contributions, shifting income, and retirement planning are important considerations.

When starting up a company many of the initial expenses can be written off up to a certain dollar amount. .

Some Valuable Way to Save on Corporate Tax:

  • Sponsoring a retirement plan
  • Writing off company assets
  • Claiming depreciation expense
  • Taking deductions on business automobiles
  • Office expenses
  • self employment health insurance
  • Employer sponsored child care resources
  • Using a home office for the company

How We Can Help:

  • We can minimize your taxes due for your company by using proven strategies that help your company
  • We will use all deductions to help minimize your taxes due

There are many deductions that a company can take advantage of including startup costs, business trip expenses, home office use, the use of automobiles, and other assets. The costs of health care expenses are often deductible especially for the owner and dependents. In addition, any contributions made to a health savings account are also deductible expenses. Business tax planning includes knowing what plans provide the greatest benefits and implementing those plans to not only provide benefits to the company but benefits to employees as well. 

There is a degree of burden that is felt from tax legislation by any and every owner. However, there are positive ways that a corporation can comply with obligations and find ways to develop a strong company otherwise. Business tax planning includes taking advantage of opportunities to provide relief when possible.

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