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Cloud Hosting

We will help you set up your new Sage product! We can host Sage 50 (Peachtree), Sage 100 ERP, and Sage 300 Construction for you on our secure servers! 

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is simply migrating your data, applications, email or software to cloud hosting where it is accessible from anywhere across the globe. The cloud makes applications accessible anywhere on the go making our daily lives more convenient and doing wonders for your business.

Why move your Business Applications to a Cloud Hosting Server?

  • To meet growing hosting needs of the customers.
  • To provide easy solutions
  • To provide more developed hosting environment for the growing business needs.
  • To counter the limitations of traditional hosting, 
Eliminate the Limitations of Traditional Hosting by:
  •  Increasing Server uptime. Server uptime is directly proportional to the performance of your company. Cloud hosting provides maximum network uptime and guarantees no single point of failure as it is a system of interconnected servers. So if one server is unable to take your request, another one will take over the workload.
  • Save money for your company because you do not have to buy servers to store your data.
  • Increased security. Servers are not stored on-site so you have no worries in case of theft. You will also have the security of knowing that your data is safe in the event of a system crash. Cloud hosting comes with such an infrastructure that secures your data at various levels; network, data, application, and physical security. We ensure data safety through customer’s identity management, proper data isolation, storage segregation, secure and encrypted solutions, firewalls and backup recoveries.
  • Increase employee productivity by ensuring that all applications open quickly. In traditional hosting, you share the resources and CPU needs with other employees on the same server. A cloud hosting set up allows sites and accounts to add or reduce resources like bandwidth, storage, RAM etc. from the bank of resources maintained by the network of multiple servers.
  • Cloud hosting ensures that your data is accessible globally via an internet connection and with any device - PC or mobile. It also allows for access anywhere on the go. Employees of an organization can work on the same documents and even share applications, regardless of their location.
  • Cloud hosting is enviroment friendly. Cloud servers are utilized up to full capacity which minimizes the idle time and saves energy of both company and environment.
In short, the cloud environment performs far better than that hosted on a traditional server set up. For those who require speed, flexability, immediate resource allocation, disaster recovery plans, energy saving, and climate friendly server set up, then cloud is a perfect solution for you!

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